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Monthly Digest - July 2000

The Pars return from their holidays, at the start of Jimmy Calderwood's first full season in charge. Summer signings are Marco Ruitenbeek (Go Ahead Eagles), Andrius Skerla (PSV Eindhoven), Youssef Rossi (Rennes) and Scott Y Thomson (ex Airdrie).  Meanwhile, East End misfit David Graham joins Bolton Wanderers on loan.
It is announced that Arsenal will be the visitors in a friendly match to officially mark the redevelopment of East End Park 
Date: 8th July 2000 Opposition: Cowdenbeath Score (H/T): 1-0 (1-0)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Rosyth Recreation Attendance:  
Scorers: [1-0] Crawford (15)
Cards: None
Pars Team: Ruitenbeek (SY Thomson, 45), Potter, Reid (Dair, 45), Ferguson (Mathaei, 45), Skinner, S Thomson, Hampshire, Bullen, Crawford, Coyle (May, 45), Petrie (Nicol, 75).
Cowdenbeath: N/K
Referee: N/K
Dull warm-up game prior to the team leaving for their tour of Holland on the Sunday. Only goal of the game came from a neat Stevie Crawford back heal, following a free-kick on the left.
Date: 10th July 2000 Opposition: Marienburg (Holland) Score (H/T): 10-0 (5-0)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Marienburg (Holland) Attendance:  
Scorers: [1-0] Thomson (19), [2-0] Skerla (34), [3-0] Bullen (35), [4-0] Bullen (38), [5-0] Crawford (39), [6-0] Crawford (53), [7-0] Petrie (58), [8-0] Skerla (69), [9-0] Petrie (78 pen), [10-0] Nish (82). 
Cards: None
Pars Team: Ruitenbeek (SY Thomson), Doesburg, Skinner (Martin), Skerla, Reid, SM Thomson (Templeman), May, Dair, Crawford (Nish), Bullen (Boyle), Petrie.
Marienburg: N/K
Referee: N/K
First game of the club's Dutch tour against amateur opposition. Played in a public park, the game was the rout that the scoreline suggests.
Date: 11th July 2000 Opposition: VV Ijhorst (Holland) Score (H/T): 10-0 (2-0)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Ijhorst (Holland) Attendance:  
Scorers: [1-0] Coyle (32), [2-0] Hampshire (45), [3-0] Coyle (52), [4-0] Nish (68), [5-0] Nish (74), [6-0] Coyle (77), [7-0] Nish ( 78), [8-0] Hampshire (81),  [9-0] Templeman (86), [10-0] Nicol (89 pen)
Cards: None
Pars Team: Thomson, Doesburg (Nish), Potter, Skerla (Reid), Martin, Nicol, Matthaei, Hampshire, Templeman, Coyle, Boyle. Subs not used: Ferguson, Crawford.
VV Ijhorst: N/K
Referee: N/K
Another Dutch amateur team and another 10 goals.  
Date: 12th July 2000 Opposition: Al Atehad (Qatar) Score (H/T): 0-0  (0-0)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Delden (Holland) Attendance:  
Scorers: N/A
Cards: None
Pars Team: Ruitenbeek, Doesburg, Dair (Reid 15), Skerla, Potter, Skinner, Thomson, May (Coyle 64), Petrie; Crawford, Bullen.
Al Atehad: N/K
Referee: N/K
Replacing Romanian team Universetea Craiova at short notice, the Qatar team proved very capable opponents. The Pars had chances to win this game, but Skerla, Coyle, Crawford and Petrie all squandered good opportunities. 
Date: 13th July 2000 Opposition: SC Verl (German) Score (H/T): 1-2  (0-0)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Delden (Holland) Attendance:  
Scorers: [0-1] Plassheinrich (50), [0-2] Vagh (80), [1-2] Coyle (85) 
Cards: None
Pars Team: SY Thomson, Nicol, Martin, Reid (Potter 46), SM Thomson, Matthaei, Hampshire (Crawford 13), Templeman (Bullen 72), Boyle; Nish (Petrie 72), Coyle. Sub not used: Dair
SC Verl: N/K
Referee: N/K
With injury problems the Pars fielded a makeshift team against the German Third Division side. First goal for the Germans came with the Pars appealing in vain for offside. Verl went two up when Vagh sprung the offside trap to shoot past Thomson. Coyle scored in 85 minutes from close in. Boyle missed an excellent chance in injury time to equalise.
Defender Andy Tod goes on loan to Preston North End. Former Pars player Allan Evans takes over the poison chalice that is the manager's post at Greenock Morton.
Date: 15th July 2000 Opposition: Go Ahead Eagles (Holland) Score (H/T): 2-2  (2-1)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Terwolde (Holland) Attendance:  
Scorers: [0-1] Schuurman (5), [1-1] Bullen (22), [2-1] Coyle (35), [2-2] Van der Ent (65)  
Cards: None
Pars Team: Ruitenbeek; Thomson, Potter, Skinner, Skerla, Matthaei (Nish 73), Boyle (Dair 73), Petrie; Coyle, Bullen, Crawford (Nicol 36). Subs not used: Reid
Go Ahead Eagles: N/K
Referee: N/K
The highlight of the Dutch tour was always going to be the game against new 'keeper Marco Ruitenbeek's old team. GAE opened the scoring when Schuurman broke free to shoot home from the edge of the box. Bullen equalised in 22 minutes lifting his shot over the keeper into the net. Coyle shot the Pars into the lead in 35 minutes slottnig home a Boyle free kick. GAE's equaliser in 65 minutes, came about as the result of some slack defending. Nish had two good chances in the last ten minutes, but was denied by good saves from the Dutch keeper. 
The Pars return from their tour of Holland, which  is hailed a success by boss Jimmy Calderwood.
Preston North End are reported to be interested in signing Andy Tod.
Date: 19th July 2000 Opposition: Huddersfield Town Score (H/T): 1-2 (0-2)
Competition: Friendly Venue: East End Park Attendance: 2,535
Scorers: [0-1] Wijishand (26), [0-2] Hay (36), [1-2] Crawford (66)
Cards: None
Pars Team: Ruitenbeek (Thomson 72), Potter (Reid 79), Skinner, Skerla; Doesburg, Matthaei, Thomson, Petrie; Bullen, Crawford, Coyle (Nish 61). Subs not used: Templeman, Nicol.
Huddersfield Town: Vaesen; Jenkins, Lucketti, Gray (Dyson 77),Armstrong (Faley 82); Iwan, Irons (Beresford 62), Beech, Thornley (Sellars 62); Hay, Wijnharb (Edwards 82). Subs not used: Smith, Margetson, Holland, Gorre.
Referee: T Brown
Huddersfield took the lead in 26 minutes when Wijishand scored with an angled drive. The English team doubled their lead ten minutes later when the Pars defence was caught asleep, allowing ex Celtic player Chris to score. Stevie Crawford pulled one back in the second half slotting home after good work on the left by Petrie. 
Date: 22nd July 2000 Opposition: Norwich City Score (H/T): 1-0 (0-0)
Competition: Friendly Venue: East End Park Attendance: 2,163
Scorers: [1-0] Bullen (67)
Cards: None
Pars Team: SY Thomson; SM Thomson, Skinner, Skerla; Bullen (Nicol 81), May (Huggon 81), Hampshire (Nish 66), Petrie, Dair; Crawford, Coyle (Templeman 77). 
Norwich City: Marshall; Sutch, Kenton (Derveld 45), Marshall (Russell 68). Fleming, Jackson (Mackay 73), Nedergaard, Bellamy (Coote 85), Roberts (Forbes 77), Giallanza (Da Waard 45), Llewellyn (Dalglish 45).
Referee: D Somers
Last of the pre-season warm up games for the first team. It took the Pars 67 minutes to break down Norwich, after Skerla headed on a corner for Lee Bullen to steer past Marshall into the corner of the net. The game was marred by the late injury to goalscorer Bullen, who was stretchered off with a hamstring injury. 
24th July 2000 -  St Mirren's Junior Mendes signs for a nominal fee.
Date: 24th July 2000 Opposition: Stirling Albion Score (H/T): 2-5 (2-3)
Competition: Friendly Venue: Forthbank Attendance: 474
Scorers: [1-0] Nish (4), [1-1] Feroz (9),  [2-1] Graham (10), [2-2] Feroz (25), [2-3] Feroz (27 pen), [2-4] Gardner, [2-5]
Cards: None
Pars Team: Hay, Nicol, Walls, Templeman, Taylor, Potter (McDonald), Fotheringham, Nish, Graham, French, Huggon. Subs not used: Thomson, McReadie, Lennon, Anderson
Stirling Albion: N/K
Referee: N/K
A work out for the youngsters (and the evergreen Hamish French). Despite twice being in the lead early on, the Pars were well beaten by the time the final whistle came.
DAFC submit fresh plans for the redevelopment of EEP, including a Healthy Living Centre, Business Centre and a 60 bed 3 star Hotel. Local residents are not too impressed.
John Potter and Lee Bullen could both be out of action for some time, following injuries sustained during pre-season friendlies against Stirling Albion and Norwich City.
Andy Tod and David Graham return from their loan spells with no offers.
Date: 29th July 2000 Opposition: Aberdeen Score (H/T): 0-0 (0-0)
Competition: Sc Premier League Venue: East End Park Attendance: 7,563
Scorers: N/A
Cards (Yellow): Ferguson (DAFC). D. Young, Perry, McAllister, McGuire (Aberdeen)
Cards (Red): D. Young (42) (Aberdeen)
Pars Team: Ruitenbeek, Doesburg, Skinner, Skerla, Dair, S. Thomson, Ferguson (Matthaei 71), May (Coyle 46), Petrie, Crawford, Mendes. Subs Not Used: Nish, Templeman, S. Thomson.
Aberdeen: Esson, Solberg (McGuire 7), D. Young, Perry, McAllister, Jess, Rowson, D. Young, Dow, Stavrum (Zerouali 58), Winters (Rutkiewicz 88). Subs Not Used: Preece, Belabed.
Referee: S Dougal
The first league game of the season saw Junior Mendes make his Pars debut, and East End Park's first streaker! No goals, but a barrel load of chances missed, particularly by Stevie Crawford. Aberdeen's Derek Young red carded for lashing out against Jason Dair.