Recommended Pars Web Sites

The Dunfermline Athletic FC Official Website

News, Previews, Match Reports, Features, Stats etc etc direct from the club. 


News, Previews, Match reports, Stats, Message Board etc, etc

Open Football - Dunfermline 

Former FTT journo Roy Murray's latest site. A good source for news, match reports and training ground gossip!

EastEndSkerla - The Official Andrius Skerla Site

A site dedicated to East End Park's favourite Lithuanian


Recommended Non-Pars Sites

An excellent site for links to football related sites worldwide.

Another excellent site for links to football related sites worldwide. 

Scottish Football Archive

A superb site, detail Scottish Football results through the ages (both domestic and international)


Stats for all Scottish Premier and English teams

Looking for a good World Cup site? Try this excellent history and stats site.

40 Year A to Z Player's Career Details

An excellent site charting the careers of players from many clubs, north and south of the border (including Dunfermline). 

Accrington Stanley

A superb historical site charting the history of the long defunct Accrington Stanley FC.