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The Players A to Z
The information contained in the players A-Z has been gathered from various sources over a considerable period of time. Unfortunately a lot of detail remains blank. If you can help fill any of the gaps, I'd be most grateful to receive any information you may have.

For current players only the most basic details are shown. Appearances etc will only be added once the player has left the club.

A to C Billy Abercromby to Mr Cuthbertson
D to F Jason Dair to Tommy Frew
G to I Alexandre Gabrielle to Willie Irvine
J to L Ross Jack to Johnny Lynch
M to O Mr Macaulay to James O'Neill
P to R Mike Panopoulos to Mr Ryan
S to U Tommy Sadler to Ernest Turner
V to Z Martin Valentine to Scott Young
Other Player Information
International Pars International Caps won by Pars players
Goalkeepers Pars goalkeepers through the seasons
Top Scorers Marksmen through the seasons
Old A-Z
Until such time as the new Players A - Z holds a lot more information, below are links to the old version. Please note that the tables are no longer being updated, and therefore they are now out of date.
A - D E -H I - McE
McF - Mu N - S T - Z