The Stadium - East End Park
August/September 2003
Following the first game of season 2003/2004 against Celtic the East End turf is removed and replaced with XL-Turf, an artificial surface. The first game to be played on the new surface takes place on 20th September and ends 0-0 against Hibernian. (Photos of pitch replacement)
Summer 2002

During the summer, the Main Stand is refurbished to create a new sportsman's bar, and banqueting/ conferencing facilities (Photos taken during building work).

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East End Park pictured during the Open Day 5th May '02, one week before refurbishment of the Main Stand commenced.
The Boardroom (right) will be replaced during the work.

Summer 2001
Under soil heating is installed to protect the pitch from freezing during the winter months.
9th August 2000
A glamour friendly against Arsenal marks the completion of the redeveloped EEP. The star studded London club prove too strong for the Pars and run out 3-0 winners.
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East End Park before the start of SPL season 2000/2001

12th December 1998
The West stand is renamed 'The Norrie McCathie" Stand. Prior to the SPL match against Motherwell, Norrie's mother and brothers take part in the official opening ceremony.
26th September 1998
Dunfermline supporters are finally admitted to the new home end, to be called the Norrie McCathie Stand. The capacity of the ground now stands at 12,500, broken down as follows:
Main Stand 3,089
South East Enclosure 585
South West Enclosure 400
West Stand (Norrie McCathie Stand) 3,016
North West Stand 1,189
North East Stand 1,205
East Stand 3,016
15th August 1998
Dunfermline 2 Dundee 0 - first game at an all seated EEP. Whilst construction work continues, home fans are housed temporarily in the East Stand for the first three games of the season.
Summer 1998
The east and west terracing are removed, and two new 3000 seater stands are constructed at either end of the ground. The Board of Directors announce that the new West Stand is to be named after Pars great Norrie McCathie. (Photos taken during Building Work)
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East End Park April 1998, prior to construction of the East and West Stands

3rd May 1998
Dunfermline 1 Celtic 1 - last match played at EEP in front of terracing. 
September/October 1997
New continental style floodlights and pylons are installed. Their first action comes on 1st November 1997, against Celtic, when the Pars were beaten 0-2. East End Park boasts two sets of floodlights for the remainder for the season.
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EEP during the summer of '97 during the replacement of the North Terracing and the recladding of the Main Stand.
(Courtesy Jason Barber).  (More photos taken during recladding)

Summer 1997
The north terracing removed and replaced with seating. The main stand is reclad, refurbished, and a new entrance porch  built. Weights and gym rooms have also been added inside the stand.
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The East End terracing early 1997
(Courtesy Jason Barber)

Summer 1990
TV camera position moved from back of the Main Stand to specially built gantry above the North Terracing. 
Summer 1989
East Terracing (away end) completely reconstructed, with new entrance turnstiles and exits installed. Hopes that the ground's capacity would be raised to 23,090, came to nothing as the limit was set at 19,900. The East enclosure becomes all seater with room for 585 spectators. 
Summer 1987
New turnstiles installed at the entrance to the west terracing (home end), as well as new seating in the Main Stand. 
30th April 1968
A crowd of 27,816 sets the never to be beaten, highest ever attendance at EEP for the visit of Celtic. League champions Celtic beat the Scottish Cup holders Dunfermline 2-1, in a game that saw chaotic crowd scenes, during which one man lost his life.
1965 - 1967
North terracing roofing is extended, to be joined later by the roofing covering the west terracing. Three quarters of the ground is now under cover.
15th August 1962
Dunfermline 3 Kilmarnock 3 (League Cup) - first game in front of the new main stand
24th March 1962
Dunfermline 2 Kilmarnock 0 (Division One) - last game played in front of old stand. The stand was demolished the following week, to make way for the construction of a new main stand costing 65,000.
26th October 1959
A friendly against Sheffield United is the first game to be played under the new floodlights at EEP. United win 4-3. The lights, costing 12,000, are officially switched on by Provost Frederick.
13th December 1958
Dunfermline 2 Dundee 1 is the first match at East End Park to be televised
Pitched roof installed over north terracing.
The first crush barriers are installed.
13th November 1948
Dunfermline 5 East Stirling 2 is the first match broadcast from East End Park on the radio.
Three huts purchased for use as a small enclosure on the north terracing.
North terracing roofed, and east terracing upgraded using timber from the Mauretania. A liner being broken up at Rosyth.
Greyhound racing introduced at EEP in a bid to raise income. The dogs continued off and on until 1951.
East End Park is shut for a month after a referee was jostled and barracked after a match against St Johnstone.
Early 1920s
A wooden stand is built alongside the pavilion on Halbeath Road. Terracing capacity increased to 16,000
East End Park moves to its current location after the Board of Directors buy three acres of land to the east of the original ground. The land cost 3,500 and the pitch was surrounded by a cinder track, with embankments, on the north, east and west sides. The plans optimistically suggested that the ground could hold 64,000 spectators.
29th October 1887
A new pavilion is formally opened by Provost Donald. The building measuring, 30ft x 12ftx8ft, cost 80 to construct and consisted, two changing rooms, a bathroom and a meeting room.
13th June 1885
The first game played at the original East End Park, after the ground is secured by lease from the North British Railway Company. The match, a friendly versus Edinburgh University, ended in a 2-1 win for the Pars.

The original EEP was slightly to the west of the existing location surrounded by the cemetery, gaol, poorhouse, hospital and railway line.