Dunfermline Athletic FC
Results (with scorers back to 1952/1953)
The Noughties (00/01 onwards)
The first four years of the decade sees a climb up the Premier League, a cup final, and a return to European football. Following the departure of Jimmy Calderwood, and when Davie Hay fails to keep the momentum going, Jim Leishman returns to the dug-out to save the Pars from almost certain relegation. What will his second term in office bring?
The Nineties (90/91 to 99/00)
After the high of the late eighties, its a return to desperate days as Munro and Scott try to emulate Leishman. The appointment  of Bert Paton as manager sees success return to the club.
The Eighties (80/81 to 89/90)
A decade that started in despair, ends in glory, as Leishman  takes the Pars to the Premier League.
The Seventies (70/71 to 79/80)
After the glorious Sixties, the Pars fall from grace.
The Sixties (60/61 to 69/70)
The Glory Days at East End Park. Two Scottish Cup wins, European adventures, and up there challenging the Old Firm for the Championship.
The Fifties (50/51 to 59/60)
A decade of ups and downs for the Pars
The Thirties and Forties (30/31 to 49/50)
The years before and after the Second World War.
The Twenties and before  (11/12 to 29/30)
Early beginnings.